Tonight’s Project Runway: Moms!

Here’s a warning. If you haven’t watched tonight’s Project Runway yet and don’t want to know what happens DO NOT READ THE REST OF THIS POST.

Tonight’s episode was pretty good, no? It was so interesting to see everyone’s mom/sister. Laura and her mom are spitting images of one another! Oh and LAURA IS PREGNANT with baby 6! Wowee!

Ok Jeffrey, I don’t care who you are–it’s so not cool to make someone else’s mom CRY on the show–even if it is Angela’s mom. That was a sad point. I felt so uncomfortable just even watching it.

On the runway–I really didn’t care for Vincent‘s winning design for Uli’s mom. That collar was HORRIBLE. Bleck! I thought maybe Uli was going to win for her outfit for Kayne’s mom.

I could see Robert getting the boot from a mile away, although I really hoped it would be Angela for her lampshade fringe monstrosity.

Next week they design for a “hip jetsetter” with some kind of twist. Could it be they’ll be designing outfits for airline stewards?

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  1. The jetsetter is a Delta flight attendant. It was announced in a Delta press release! I thought Vincent’s dress was ill-fitting.

  2. jeffrey was so right in this one, what a spitting bitch image angela’s mom is. she totally had it in for jeffrey. i still can’t believe allison is gone.

  3. What?! Jeffrey was such an asshat to Angela’s mom. He attcked her for telling Tim that she wasn’t happy with his design plan. I don’t think this was sabotage on her part, she was just being honest.

    I’m no Angela fan, but her mom seemed like such a sweet lady & watching her cry made me want to kick Jeffrey in the balls. Repeatedly. Especially since he wasn’t apologetic about the whole thing at all.

  4. sorry but jeff is working his ass off and under a lot of pressure to begin w/ and she seemed like a total hard ass to begin w/. also, who cries? what are 10? and is it me or is this season just really borrrrring. michael and uli have the most talent and that isn’t saying much either. i think the last 2 seasons had so much talent that it seemd more interesting to say the least.

  5. i thought the mom was a ridiculous cry baby – to me if felt totally canned and staged on the part of angela’s mother. please! “i don’t like the color, wah, wah wah….”
    of course, the dress the jeffrey ultimately made was terrible, still – any guy with “detroit” tatooed on his neck is okay by me.

  6. i agree…i think angela’s mom was so timid and self-conscious that she couldn’t think of anything that she likes to wear – but jeffrey really didn’t ask her any questions, like what hobbies she has, etc.- maybe he could have made her a bowling shirt! It did seem like she and Angela were trying very hard to get him kicked out – that’s why the judges let him stay even though the dress was, in Michael Kors hilarious words, a cross between “Commes des Garcons and the Amish”!

  7. angela’s mom’s crying incident was really awkward and out of the blue. she seemed a bit unstable. who cares about the friggin colors? he had a good explanation for why he couldn’t use dark green. but despite all the silly drama the outfit was still ridiculously ugly. maybe it didn’t transfer well over the television, but i didn’t understand it at all, not even on a conceptual level.

  8. This whole season feels rigged. I feel like the only reason Vincent won was to be defend him not being kicked off last challenge. Uli should have won. Jeff and Angela’s mom? Hmm… But, I can’t defend the dress, it was pretty bad. But how could Angela put Laura’s mom in something that ugh.

    Jeff’s tattoo says “Harrison Detroit,” it’s his son’s name.

    I’m sick of hearing how this is the best season. Last season was so much better. Come on, Andrae, Nick, Danny V. and SANTINO! Good times had by all.

  9. this season does feel rigged…or at least manipulated by the producers…Uli’s outfit was the best by far..and Vincent should have been long gone!

  10. It’s hard watching a little old lady cry.
    But it was justifiable seeing that outfit.

    And Laura is insane.

  11. My mother would have never made excuses for me being a jerk to someone I’d just made cry because I “was under pressure”. What a load.

    Maybe if mom wasn’t so enabling to his abusive comments and expecting everyone else to also be then he wouldn’t have been a drunk. It all made me wonder how much excuse making she did when he was on the bottle.

    As a rule, I really don’t like wealthy people because they expect everyone to endure their spoiled brats.

  12. Oh yeah, am I the only one who cringes every time the show airs the clip of Laura’s kids?

    What a bunch of little monkeys. I imagine them hopped up on skittled tossed and coated with instant coffee and pure cane sugar all choked down with large glasses of Jolt cola.

  13. I hated the dress that Vincent made. Putting a German woman in black and tan makes her look like the S.S.

  14. OMG PLEASE people stop the madness – what was that thing Jeffrey created – a Goth Mormon Tabernacle Choir robe? And his client hated it. Jeff’s had a tough life but his attitude and comments are evil (anyone remember him wishing that “bitch” Laura would “have a stroke”?)

    Something doesn’t smell right in Parsons. This contest is rigged.

  15. seriously.
    angela’s mom has some big issues. jeffrey is the one thats the designer..not her. and the whole crying thing was really stupid. what a adult wonder she was picked last.

  16. Angela’s mom is such a baby. And yeah, dark green and dark purple??? That’s tough. She doesn’t have to cry! Sheesh I mean, Jeffrey IS a designer and he made it THAT far so she should like consider his thoughts on colors. But the dress was just… ugh gross so ugly

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