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NME.COM – Win – Watch The Futureheads busk on the tube!
To celebrate the launch of Oxjam, the UK’s biggest music festival where you join the line up, The Futureheads are playing a one off top secret acoustic session…on the tube!

The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press

NPR : Edward Tufte, Offering ‘Beautiful Evidence’
Edward Tufte has been described by The New York Times as “The Leonardo da Vinci of Data.” Since 1993, thousands have attended his day-long seminars on Information Design. That might sound like a dry subject, but with Tufte, information becomes art.

Sarah Needs You on
Meet Sarah. She’s funny, gorgeous and hopes to lose her virginity by her 30th birthday in November. She came to JANE for help meeting guys.

Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts features | In Glasgow, beware of flying axes
The Rolling Stones still do it, but how do rock bands survive touring? Dave Simpson hears their tales of drugs, gangs and missed buses

Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts | Snapshot: The White Stripes’ 2003 tour poster
“After the show, I got a call from the band’s tour manager – he was angry that I had made unofficial merchandise. Then after shouting at me for half an hour he said, ‘By the way, we all really liked the poster. Maybe you’d like to do some more for us.'”

Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts | Snapshot: Rough Trade Records, 1978
In this 1978 photograph, Travis talks to Genesis P Orridge – busy pushing a record by his own band, Throbbing Gristle – while Richard Scott, who set up Rough Trade’s distribution arm, gets on with business.

Guardian Unlimited Arts | | ‘Of course you can lose yourself’
Beyoncé tells Paul Flynn why she won’t be joining the roll call of R&B divas who have cracked under the pressures of fame.

Kevin Clash Is a Puppeteer Tickled Red to Be Elmo in a Rainbow World – New York Times
Kevin Clash took a shapeless bundle of red fuzz and gave it a voice. – 3am – SPITTING MAD, LILY
IF EVER there was any doubts that Lily Allen was like her hell-raiser dad Keith they were quashed yesterday when she spat on rival Peaches Geldof at yesterday’s V Festival. Classy.

How To Hurdle The Velvet Rope – recently spoke with Onorato about the ups and downs of being a New York City Door God.

Bleat on the Brats: CIWWAF and Paramore
Emo-goth bill isn’t exactly Top-8 material

VMA NYC 2006
Blog for the MTV VMAs 2006

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  1. Door god: Sooo many peoplel get turned away at MoFo. It’s like you have to wear a striped button down and get bottle service just to get in the door at those parties.

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