Tom Chaplin Goes Into Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Woah! Keane singer Tom Chaplin has checked himself into rehab for a drug and alcohol addiction according to the official Keane web site. All US tour dates have been postponed. Get well soon!

On the bright side, maybe this will finally give Keane that edge they’ve lacked. They could be the Kate Moss of the music world.

Thanks to KF for the link.

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11 Replies to “Tom Chaplin Goes Into Drug and Alcohol Rehab”

  1. i remember reading in nme that they get in really nasty brawls backstage and have full on british drunk fist fightis in the streets and was like naaaah, theyre just trying to shake their squeeky clean moms-like-them image. whad’ya know

  2. “that edge they’ve lacked”
    what do you mean by that?
    i think its great tom’s in rehab.
    i have to admit i was shocked he has these problems
    but it just makes him human.
    i hope he gets better, i saw their concert when they came to thailand…. and gosh, they were amazing.

  3. The edge they have lacked ?? Keane is my favourtie band.. I’m going to see them in toronto when Tom gets better. But I think keane beats alot of bands.. People seem pretty content, with waht they are doing. They dont have to do these things to get attention..they have already got it

  4. tom,I love you,I hope you´re alright,thats really sad:(
    Pleace come back to mexico

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