Summer’s Almost Gone

Oh summer, we hardly new ya! Now you’re already slipping away before our very eyes. Wah!

Although I look forward to wearing fall clothing, I’ll kinda miss summer. The outdoor events, the BBQ, the rooftop drinking, open toed shoes, sundresses, etc.

How do you plan on whooping up your last days of summer? By singing the Ataris version of “Boys of Summer” while riding in a convertable with the top down? Oh…is that just me?

Tricia Romano at the Village Voice did a round-up of how the usual NYC suspects spent their days of verano. Yours truly has gone on record by saying my summer was spent being (not-so-secretly) emo. I crack up when I read that. Hahahah.

READ: “Wish You’d Been There” by Tricia Romano

Music of the moment: s/t, Danity Kane; Inside/In Inside/Out, The Kooks

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