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NPR : The Art of the Interview, ESPN-Style
The old saying goes, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” But in the opinion of at least one major television network, there is such a thing, and some of the least effective questions are coming from top broadcast journalists.

The Official Man Card – It’s Free! : – Man Gear For All!
Yes Gentlemen, you can now order your Official Man Card. Any man who does not have this manhood certification card is subject to come under extreme pressure from the male community. The credit card style Man Card comes printed with your Name and Member Nu

Behind the Music That Sucks: The Strokes takes on the Strokes. Kinda NSFW.

Lewis Cho
Fashion design duo

Refinery29: Independent Style: Defined and Refined
Icelandic shopping guide

Jezebell: London
Store co-owned by Joanna Briston, wife of Guy Berryman from Coldplay

Refinery29: Independent Style: Defined and Refined
Here, our site is entirely devoted to the designers, stores, trends, and must-haves that make the independent shopping and fashion experience like no other, no matter where you live.

EOS (SLR) Camera Systems – Super Telephoto – Lens Extender – Extender EF 2x II – Canon USA Consumer Products
This extender has been re-designed optically and offers excellent performance with compatible EF lenses (same as the Extender EF 1.4x II).

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  1. theres nothing i hate more than those crappy net cartoons,that werent funny in 1999 when people emailed me them.they ‘suck’:not the strokes.ive been a strokes fan for ages so i don’t know why i still let this ‘hype/julians daddy bought them in’ crap get me mad.blah.

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