Snakes on a Plane Movie Theater Madness

Last night I laughed, I cried from laughter, I came out with a sore throat from screaming/ yelling/ cheering. Definitely see Snakes on a Plane with a crowd who isn’t afraid to shout things out or wear snakes (below):

snakes on a fan

The movie is not the most amazing piece of cinema you will ever see, but it is TOTALLY fun to see with a hopped-up crowd, who will shout out all sorts of snake-related phrases. For example, a group at the front of the show I went to made us do this chant: “GIVE ME A S! GIVE ME A S! GIVE ME A S! GIVE ME A S! WHAT DOES THAT SPELL?… SSSS!”

Does having an entire audience HISS at the screen sound like fun? Well it should because it totally is. What about the whole room erupting into “YEAAAAHHHS!” after Samuel L. Jackson utters his now famous line, “I’m tired of these motherf—ing snakes on this motherf—ing plane!” Lots of Red Bull and PSP jokes (they had massive product placement). People threw (fake) snakes at the screen when the movie was over, and as we trickled out of the theater (after the Cobra Starship video played), all the people waiting in line actually CHEERED as we walked out, and we cheered back. It was crazy!

What a fun movie-going experience.

PREDICTION: Lots of “Snakes on a Plane”-themed Halloween costumes this year.

On the way to a party to the Bowery I walked by Mercury Lounge and saw everyone and their mom waiting to see Girl Talk, a band I had NEVER heard of up until that very moment. Wow, I’m out of touch.

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  1. I wish England cinema’s could be fun like that but we’d all get arrested. I feel like flying to NYC just to see it.

  2. I have to agree that SOAP was one of the FUNNEST movies I’ve been to since the local indie theatre ran a late night showing of the Army Of Darkness movies! It’s totally the kinda flick you see and laugh out loud at dumb things and make funny comments. Definitly a group type movie and very very fun!

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