22 Replies to “September 17th, White Stripes Hit the Simpsons”

  1. it actually DOES look like jack white… meg not so sure. however i doubt jack could still worm his way into those half red/half black pants. one day though. one day.

  2. Yyyyeah…that mustache is even creepy when he’s a cartoon character.

    What’s with the brunette? I don’t think they constantly dye their hair black throughout their whole career just so they can be animated as brunettes.

  3. OH MY GOD!!! Wasn’t that one of Meg’s dreams, to be on the Simpsons? She doesn’t seem busty enough in that picture. Also, Jack is missing that crazy look in his eye.

  4. I know Meg plays barefoot, but seeing her on the sidewalk barefoot is a little too “Britney Spears.” But still, I’m excited about the ep (and the “Sopranos”-y premiere) and tickled that it’s Meg’s dream come true.

  5. Ok Jack and Meg were SO funny in their segment. It was actually the best part of the show. And if you don’t believe me then Meg is “gonna kick your ass!!!!!”

  6. The white stripes rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (hey, janee’ if da white stripes r so gay y r u on a website about them……DUMBASS!!!)

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