Links for 2006-08-19

NME.COM – News – Lily Allen collaborates with Robbie Williams
Sounds like my worst nightmare

Creating Your Own Favicon.ico Icon For IE5 – Web Developer’s Journal
If you’re trying to entice people return to your site from the Explorer’s Favorites menu, it helps to prompt them with a special logo of some kind. If you’re in Explorer right now and pull down that menu, you’ll probably find some of those logos lined up

1731 Seminole – Detroit, Michigan
Jack White’s soon-to-be former home in the D

Society Welcomes Observer Publisher Jared Kushner — New York Magazine
Jared Kushner, the new owner of the New York Observer, is already taking advantage of his sudden-onset boldfacedness. But what degree hottie is he?

Yeti Don’t Dance: Review: Snakes on a Plane
Jerry might love SOAP more than I do

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