Jack White Slept Here…and Recorded Here…and Ate Over There…

Jack White has officially wiped his hands clean of his former hometown of Detroit, MI. (He currently hangs his hat in Nashville, TN.) He has now put his house in the D on the market, the historic 1731 Seminole, with an asking price just under a million dollars: $930,000.00. Not bad for a house he bought the deed for $1 from Richard L. Bradley and Kenneth B. Welsh in 2003.

The house is beautiful and well-maintained (Jack spent a reported $200,000 in restoration/ modification on the house), containing many of the original details of the house. The expansive house features a laundry room, attic, library, sunroom, formal dining room, full dressing room, and a Herring-Hall-Marvin Walk-In Safe. One of the hidden treasures of the abode is a large “secret garden” courtyard with a Koi Pond in the center.

Probably my favorite part of the web site for his house is the image they use for Jack White‘s headshot.

So hang on real estate hounds and voyers, here’s a peek into Jack’s old house:

jw bedroom

Jack White’s master bedroom in a tasteful muted brown…

jack white foyer

Second floor foyer…

jack white kitchen

Jack’s all white, red, and black kitchen with cooking island…

jack white staircase

The grand staircase and foyer where Get Behind Me Satan was recorded.

For more photos and information, head over to the web site for the house.

Thanks to JWG for the link.

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29 replies on “Jack White Slept Here…and Recorded Here…and Ate Over There…”

  1. Wow. WS fanatic aside, this is a very beautiful house, without all his taxidermy ^_^. You wonder if it’s just Jack’s maintenance, or if all Detriot houses are this nice.

  2. holy crap! i just read the site and realized it’s some weird white supremecy site. i didn’t know. either way, it does have some good pictures of the city. although the site is really creepy.

  3. Only in Detriot could a house that gorgeous be purchased for that low a price; it goes for over 3 million anywhere else (the south included).

  4. Wow, that is a great-looking house (except for that ugly kitchen island). Very anti-Cribs. I actually don’t think all the taxidermy would have looked out of place in a house like that.

  5. It’s a shame he’s not keeping it. I’m sure he doesn’t need the money. He seems like the rockstar who takes care of his properties. I would hate to see all the hard work he put into this house get altered or ruined by the next owner. Even if I could, I don’t think I’d be able to live there without treating it like a museum. Just as Jack never bought Johnny Cash’s old estate for the same reason.

  6. i’m just sad he’s gone. it was so fun going to blanche concerts and turning around and there he’d be. i would never say anything because i didn’t want to bother him, but it was fun just knowing he was right there.

  7. Putty obviously knows nothing about Mr. White. This house has Jack written all over it.

  8. what a cool house I think I’ll buy it, a house like that would go for like $3 mil or more in hollywood CA, but I don’t like the old style kitchen.

  9. I was going to purchase a home 1.5 blocks up the street from this house 6 months ago for a fraction of the cost. Comperable in size, but with more architectural details. Long story short, this is one of the most expensive houses in Indian Village, but not one of the most premier (except for the owner). However, as most of us in Detroit already know, it’s simply more wise to leave the area. Yes, SOME of the homes are great (Indian Village, Boston Edison, Palmer Woods), but the crime and limited opportunities are not. Kudos for leaving; I too hope to escape this horrible place called Detroit 🙂

  10. I’m sure that I am the only one in Detroit that is sad that Jack just sold his house to a retired couple from Maryland. His last ties besides his family to Michigan. 🙁

  11. this house is amazing! the all black red and white kitchen and the grand foyer where GET BEHIND ME SATAN was recorded! If you livedin Detoit when he lived there you must have been pretty lucky.

    But to make up for it Icky Thump is probably the best album so far compared to all the other ones like elaphant get behind me satan ext.

  12. And…………good deal white supermecy sites….should be proud of your race!

  13. i love to white strips my mom and he BF got to see them in nashville and my mom gave them a lisece plate from yellowknife northwest territories that i hope they got and i cant wait to see them tonight.Meg and Jack if you ever see this go to my website http://www.kerrissa-maclean.piczo.com and sign the guestbook because i am a big fan and it would be so awesome if you did and cheak it out haha, Your old house is so awesome i want to go there and stay there lol.haha luv yazzz.

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