Snakes on an Indiana Jones

Tonight I headed to DUMBO with a few pals to catch an outdoor screening of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park. Holy crap! Out of all the outdoor screening events going on in NYC, I have to say the “Movies with a View” ones certainly are one of the most beautiful. You get to watch a classic film right by the waterside, underneath the twinkling lights of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Amazing!

indiana jones

Now some of you may remember that during the opening sequence, Indiana jumps into a small plane only to find a slithering surprise. At the exact moment when it is revealed that there is a snake in his seat, I, along with some of my friends, shouted out “SNAKES ON A PLANE!” much to the amusement of those around us.

During another scene, when Indie is in the cave full of snakes, as a slithering reptile hissed at Indiana, Jocelyn grabbed me from behind, causing me to shriek loudly. Note to self: Do not sit in front of mischievous friends in public places as they will embarrass you.

WATCH: “Snakes on a Plane vs Indiana Jones” Mashup

We walked back into Manhattan by going over the Brooklyn Bridge, which was lovely.

brooklyn bridge

We spotted two cute boys on bikes going to the ‘Hattan (“Hey wait a minute! Those boys were cute!”) and then Miss Laura (not me, a different Laura) made eye contact with an ADORABLE boy wearing a cap who was riding his bike with a basket into Brooklyn and hollared “Hey newsie!” as the rest of us errupted into laughter. We should have all stopped and recreated that moment for my video camera. Damnit!

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  1. The spot where you saw the movie is the same location where the U2 show took place about a year and a half ago… The location is stunning… They should have more activites / concerts at that area!

  2. Best part about hanging out with Miss Modernage? You get a recap the next day, complete with cool photos.

    Well, maybe not the BEST part! 🙂

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