Look Who’s Indie Now, Bizotches!

I grabbed a wooly sweater and got down with the superhipsters at McCarren Park this weekend for Jelly NYC’s Harlem Shakes/ Apollo Sunshine/ Beirut/ Deerhoof Pool Party show. So to everyone that’s been giving me crap for being emo, take THAT! The only thing that could have made me more indie this weekend would have been making out with Sufjan Stevens while listening to the new Joanna Newsom song.

Here’s a photo of Zach Condon, aka the mastermind behind Beirut, while he horned in during DJ Questlove‘s awesome set:


Since I don’t read blogs, up until last week I’d only heard of Beirut by accident when I’d ask my hip friends “what are you doing tonight?” and they’d reply “going to see Beirut.” Then I read Rachel Syme‘s article on the band in New York magazine last week, and decided to check them out.

Due to the amount of hype they were getting, I had pretty low expectations about how I would react to their music. When stuff is talked about so much, it’s hard to not be wary. But I really thought they were pretty enjoyable in the rag-tag gypsy/ retarded monkey music kinda way. Seeing as how their first show was only in May of this year it’s incredible the amount of backlash this band has generated. But I guess anything that has been embraced by bloggers and hyped up a lot is bound to get a beating (see Cobra Starship). I think people should be nicer to each other.


I sat my little point and shoot that does video on the floor of the stage during their last song, “Siki Siki Baba” (cover of Kocani Orkestar) and uploaded it on YouTube (below). It’s funny, the music is so loud that you’ll notice the camera bouncing up and down from the vibrations:

WATCH: “Siki Siki Baba” by Beirut @ McCarren Park, Brooklyn NY

I really loved this song with all its jumbled sounds and festive horn sections and heart-thumping drums.

crowd at beirut
After Beirut was over, DJ Questlove took over again and I tried shaking my groovething, but then I saw these dudes in the middle of the pool acting like a couple of crazy banshees and I had to stop and make a video of them. Check out their crazy puddle-stomping antics:

crazy dancers

WATCH: Crazy dudes dancing in giant puddle after Beirut @ McCarren Park, NY

I did manage to get to the show way early and catch local band Harlem Shakes as well. They play great pop music and you should check them out if a band that sounds like The Strokes meets Ted Leo appeals to you.

harlem shakes
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  1. where were you when the yeah yeah yeahs and sonic youth played the pool for two nights just a few days ago??

  2. Bizotches? Between that diction and all the Strokes stalking, i have officially lost all respect for this site.

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