Drool-worth Band for the Boys: Dead Disco

I know that this site sometimes reads like a BOP magazine of indie rock music, which can sometimes frustrate male readers. So this one is for you guys…and it doesn’t involve Lily Allen.

Some British folks might already be hip to this group, but I just recently found out about an all-girl electro-pop band called Dead Disco. They are three super-hot looking chicks (below) that play music that sounds like The Bangles meets Blondie.

dead disco

Their single “Automatic” was produced by James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco, Klaxons, Mystery Jets) and the video was directed by Saam Farahmand who was responsible for The Klaxons“Gravity’s Rainbow” video.

WATCH: “Automatic” (video) by Dead Disco

But if you ask me, the best song I’ve heard by them is a little ditty called “The Treatment”. DJs, take note! I think would be the perfect transition song between say…The Cribs‘ “Hey Scenesters!” and “Our Lips Are Sealed” by The Go-Gos. The chorus is infectious and upbeat, with a strongly sweet pop vocal performance given edge by a grittier jangly guitar backbone–a seemless hybrid of contemporary British indie rock sound and 80s girl pop.

You can find MP3 versions of “The Treatment” over at The Prettiest Pony. Get on it and make your iPod happy. And don’t forget to check out Dead Disco’s Myspace page for some more songs and information.

On a side note, today Fotini made an amusing observation about British girls: She believes that the one thing Brit chicks have over American ladies is their incredible sense of fashion.  Fo declared that once Top Shop comes to New York it will be all over for those UK babes–that the Yankees will finally be able to match their European counterparts in terms of slamming style. I found this amusing.

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  1. listen to stunde null form london

    just had a track recorded up and are getting signed by interscope records which have beck u2 and even emminem on their books. london band on an american label. big things.

  2. i loooove British women, but going on looks, ummmm lets not go there.I’m talking average women non Moss/Knightley division.Thanks for the headsup on Dead disco,i’m feeling it at the moment.Their song, not my naughty bits.

  3. Here’s an idea: try talking about a band (especially female artists) without mentioning their looks at all. It’s not hard.

  4. yo look at dem hot beeotches and shiii! they knowz howz t play tha geetar and shiii? dayyyummnnn! i di’in know girlz did nothin but cook!

    i’ll take the insecure/quiet bassplayer.

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