Who’d Win In a Fight? Young Love or Cobra Starship?

…or Ultragrrrl?

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Tonight Cobra Starship played their first show ever to a packed and sweaty crowd at The Annex. The verdict? The live show was kinda…”ehh”. From Matt Pinfield‘s press release-sounding introduction to the back vocalist’s off-tune massacre of the “Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)” chorus (so missing William Beckett!) to the super-short 5 song set, it was all kinda…well…meh.

Maybe like wine, Cobra Starship live will get better with time…there’s potential.

To this guy:


Why didn’t you just jump on the stage? You were already standing level with the band AND had your foot on the actual stage:


And at one point you were taking photos literally 10 inches away from Gabe’s face. Duuuuuuuuude.

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  1. re: the photo idiot, i was at a spinto band show earlier this year where some guy was literally on stage taking photographs*. I really wanted to punch the dude. seriously, wtf???

    *it may have been one of the openers to whom it happened.

  2. because she, william beckett, and travis mcCoy are all guesting on the song. you know, a calabo. ONCE AND FOR ALL: COBRA STARSHIP IS GABE SAPORTA, NOT MAJA, WILLIAM, TRAVIS, AND GABE.

  3. um.. i’m sorry. but i’m dubbing this cobra suckship after last night. the chorus to the snakes on a plane song was just PAINFUL. gabe is kinda hot though.

  4. cobra suckship is a perfect description. that was the worst performance i have ever seen by a band signed to a label. simply terrible.

  5. So I thought that guy was going to dive at Gabe. Honestly, I was waiting for it and taking bets.

    Truly, the chorus of “Snakes” was eaten alive, but “Hey Mr DJ” still got my booty shaking.

  6. well, lets be fair… it was their first ever performance. it’s gonna have it’s fuck ups. i bet the band will be great live in about a month or two when they’ve played more shows.

  7. you bet the band will be great live? they fucking suck ultragrrl. You’ve fucking lost it. You may have had it at some point, but now you’re just clueless. The bands you’ve signed exemplify this to the finest degree. The days are counting til Island cuts you loose.

  8. Kids, kids, chill out. That was their first show. The first songs were catchy and danceable. The drummer was pristine. The guitar player was very talented. Break it down and, regardless if you like the music or not, the musicians are talented. The only criticism I had was the vocals at the end of Snakes on a Plane, just like everyone else. You could catch the precise moment where their in-ears cut out and they couldn’t hear a thing. I’m sorry, but for putting yourself out there for the very first show, Stolen Transmission is a really big deal. They haven’t had the opportunity to go on a mini-tour and experience the stage as a band yet. OF COURSE their first show is going to be “eeeh”. Most bands play in insignificant venues for only a handful of friends on their first show. I give credit to any band, whatever style of music, that can go from practicing in a living room for 2 weeks straight to a packed venue full of music critics and people in the music industry. That’s a huge leap that most people don’t have the opportunity, nor the guts, to take.

  9. to the above comment…

    youre an idiot. if it’s your first show, your 56th show or your last show, there’s no excuse for playing shitty music together.

    talented or not.

  10. I don’t think anyone’s “fighting it out” sarah. Everyone seems to be in agreement that they are awful in every way.

  11. not that im trying to make excuses, but right before the show, i was suckin a dude’s cock in the bathroom and his cum was really thick, so it fucked up my singing voice a little. next time i’ll save the blow jobs till AFTER the show.

    cobragayship owns!

    yeah, so we fucked up bring it. thats the point of a warm up show. id hate to fuck it up in front of millions of people on jimmy kimmel.

    but fear not, we’ll work out the kinks. thanks for coming out even if you hated it.

    and ps: you can never have to much cobra bling. did you see all the kids in the front with cobra necklaces?

    pps: who the fuck comes on here at 8 in the morning on a saturday?

  12. I’ve seen a TON of first shows from new bands, and this was by far one of the best. I don’t know what show you were watching, but the vibe on Thursday was off the hook.

  13. death to yous,

    your all clueless. jealous, dan keyes has the IQ of a paper plate…

    ultragrrl, this fucking site, the next fucking site. disco run afters writing about music that noone will remember in 5 months.

    viva con bravery modern ultra skags.
    shut the fuck up and go do something already
    you people make me sick
    and someone should drop you to the ground
    v i a a s t e e l p i p e.
    stolen transmissionsss….emoo masturbationss, disco battery ultra nothing MUA empty. your all holes in the legs, a place for the music industry to cum into, rob stevey tvts got the skeevies

    the music you miss will in time rape you, and you wont like being left out

    forever whores,

  14. Dear Greg,

    While on the subject of IQs:

    I think the first word of your sensationally stupefying post was meant to be the abbreviation “you’re” — short for “you are.” (Remember? Then you went on a rant about us being clueless and my friend Dan’s IQ.) The word “your” is a possessive modifier that precedes a noun. Just something to consider next time you speak of the intelligence of others. (I know, I know–we are all lost without spell-check). Seriously, nothing bothers me more than people who don’t understand the difference between “your” and “you’re.” Except for girls who can’t properly use a knife and fork. Those bitches make my dick soft.

  15. I’ll be at Cobra Starship’s second show here in L.A.!

    Cobra Starship/SoaP CD Release Party we get all the folks from the song (william, travis and maja + the starship). I hope they do all 5 songs! I can’t wait! Fuck all the haters

  16. oh please YOUR just making me tired. you never spoke of the fact that your penis is usually soft, stop taking so much propecia, duh


    ps. write a song

  17. OMG
    SoaP(Bring It)
    and Cobra Starship is better with those other ppl
    i think
    cant wait TO SEE THE MOVIE!

  18. It’s i think
    what are their names Marja and William and Travis
    Cobrat Starship would be better with those ppl
    but i only listened to one song so i dunno how he is gon’ be

  19. to all those hating on the photographer- well it’s actually amusing that you are so concerned with him and you weren’t actually just watching the band. he’s their friend. and he’s a great photographer. he obviously is doing more than any of you who don’t even know how to just enjoy the music.

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