Why Is Young Love So Freaking Good?

Got to see Young Love again for my third time last night when they opened up for Radio 4 at some KRock show at Crash Mansion.

Ok first off, I’d never been to Crash Mansion before. Why is that venue so weird? And WHY IS IT SO DARK IN THERE? I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face! Oh and why do they lie to you and tell you that Young Love is going on at 8:45 when they are really going on at like 9:30?

They started off with “Discotech”, which confuses me. Aren’t you supposed to play “the hit” further toward the middle/ end of a set? Granted, Young Love has a bunch of great songs but I feel like it’s a little bit of blowing your wad right up front…

Don’t get me wrong, YL were so great–they get better every time I see them, but I’m just saying…If you want to check them out, they’re playing again this Saturday at Mercury Lounge here in NYC or somewhere near you soon.

young love

Here’s a follow-up for ya–look who was also at the show, Mr. “Guy with White Shoes” at Pretty Girls Make Graves himself–Brian. It was only after I posted that thing about him looking like the guy from The Ataris that I realized I had a photo of him in the crowd at the last Young Love show I went to and THAT is why he looked familiar. I ran up to him during the show and said, “Oh my god! You’re “Guy with White Shoes!” Hahaha. Luckily the poor guy didn’t act too freaked out…I don’t think. Oh and btw, his name is now officially Brian Whiteshoes.

brian whiteshoes

PS- Dan Keyes looks good sweaty:

dan keyes

Can I also just say right here that New York dance rock darlings Radio 4 have one of the most infectious songs out there right now? It’s called “This Is Not a Test” and it’s off of their new album Enemies Like This and you should get your dance on to it NOW. Hellooooo agogo bells!

In unrelated news, I just got called out for loving pop punk. Hahahah. Sorry to burst your bubble, but 14 year old girls are people too! And apparently liking this kind of music totally negates any of my “good” musical tastes and makes me not “the sh-t”, according to other comments that have been made.

Newsflash: I’m the most uncool person you will ever meet. If you knew me, these new turn of events wouldn’t surprise you at all.


14 Replies to “Why Is Young Love So Freaking Good?”

  1. I may tend to agree with the notion of pop punk/emo being absolutely terrible, but it’s also kind of messed up that people are judging you based on your musical taste.

    That being said, the Warped Tour coverage was pretty pathetic

  2. You shouldn’t have to justify your taste in music for anyone. That is why its YOUR taste in music.

    Who cares what those other people have to say? I don’t. That’s why I love your website, I love reading your posts, and I’m not listening to the hate they’re spreading.

    I’m your fan.

  3. According to iTunes, I’ve listened to “Honestly” by Cartel 84 times in the past ten days, and I’m about to make it 85. Screw the haters.

  4. whoa… you think that emaciated person looks GOOD?? no offense, but are you out of your mind? he looks like he should be in a hospital.

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