The Great Concert Shoe Debate

Check out this hilarious entry by Rachel and the City regarding “dumb shoes” that girls wore at this year’s Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.

I do have to say, wearing cowboy boots is really played out, but not the stupidest thing you could wear to a festival if you plan on being in the crowd. Gladiator shoes, however, are very stupid. These black cone-heel shoes are not practical, but they are quite sexy. But these espadrilles are just plan ugly and should not be allowed to be worn in public.

Deciding on the proper foot attire for a music festival is in fact a big deal. Maybe not so much for the boys as the girls. I do think very carefully about my shoe selection. That’s because you’re committing yourself to wearing the same shoe for about 8 hours outdoors and standing. You have to really weigh the consequences of the shoe you choose to wear. Do you A- wear sneakers to be comfortable but run the risk of getting horrible sock tan? B- wear a pair of flat sandals to be comfortable but run the risk of getting your exposed foot trampled on? or C- wear ridiculously high/platform/wedge shoes that look really cute with your outfit, but will leave you crying and hobbling by the end of the night?

In the last month I’ve done both A and C. I admit–during Siren Festival you probably saw me wearing “stupid shoes”–a pair of wedge Dr. Scholl’s. Indeed, every boardwalk journey was an exercise in pain, but I got to be less of a midget. This weekend at Warped I wore Chuck Taylors, not only to blend in, but to protect my feet, even though I wasn’t planning on mosh pitting. I just knew there would be a lot more walking involved in a potentially gross parking lot. I was right. My sock tan wasn’t too bad, so I wasn’t terribly upset with the results of wearing the Chucks.
Footwear can be a very complicated choice sometimes…what has been your best/worst concert shoe decision?

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  1. chucks aren’t bad…
    nowadays I just put on my cowboy boots and I’m good to go.
    they are a lot more comfortable than they look.
    platform shoes are good too, as long as the height is almost even throughout the whole shoes(being elevated evenly, as oppose to just the heel section)
    they give you extra height and are especially good for moshpits,
    but come to think of it, I’ve been in a moshpit in 4 inch heels so it really depends.

    as for bad shoes decisions,
    I’ve done peeptoe wedgeheels. 4-5 inch heels, and they murdered my feet,
    the worst ones were flipflops (it was 11 a.m.) to outdoor festival, which lasted about 9-10 hrs.

    if you wear heels all the time, you should be fine.

  2. comfort is key at festivals and you will look like a moron if you are too dressed up because under the circumstances (heat, walking, crowds), no one can pull it off. perry farrell’s wife was wearing like 5 inch platform sparkly shoes the last day of lolla and she only got away with it because she sat in the air-conditioned trailer most of the day and barely left the vip area. i personally opted for some basic cotton jersey dresses (it’s all about draping fabrics to stay cool) and flip flops…not the most fashionable option (though you can dress up with jewelry/belts) but it’s good enough for sofia coppolla…

  3. those black pumps are SO not right for daytime….ha!

    i usually try to wear height enhancing footwear – true chunky platforms are comfy – as are doc martens – but it did buy a pair of laceless low chuck taylors this summer and they are great!

  4. My rule is just to wear whatever isn’t going to fall off. That’s generally my chucks. You always see idiots scrambling around for their flip flops lost in the mud. Flip flops for christsake!

  5. eh, i guess i stick to the back of the crowd so i don’t have to worry about losing my flops 😉 i would sweat my ass off in chucks in that heat…

  6. i am sorry, but cowboy/motorcycle boots will always be cool. i also adore ballet flats, but i am somewhat tall.

  7. Best Choice: Flat Boots and Wellington Boots to winter/mud festivals. (in the land of oz we get to have winter festivals)
    And chucks to a festival….anything you damn well please to a show. But flip lops drive me mad…they make me want to punch the person wearing them. Are you people for real?

    I can’t get that peter, bjorn and john song out of my head.

  8. I once wore a super cute pair of Mary Jane-ish pumps to a Sufjan Stevens show and destroyed my feet.

    Not one of my brightest moments.

    And I wore flip flops to Lollapalooza and had very little problem, but whatevs.

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