S’MAC My Mac Up

Yesteray I went to S’MAC to check out their… mac ‘n’ cheese of course! It’s the only thing they serve at this restaurant. I got the classic mac ‘n’ cheese:

The verdict? Meh. It was just OK. I perfer my mac ‘n’ cheese at Bubby’s or Mama’s…even Petite Abeille has pretty awesome mac ‘n’ cheese.

On a sad side note, I forgot to put my leftovers in the fridge because I was running around crazy in order to get to the Paramore and Young Love/ Radio 4 shows on time yesterday. So I woke up this AM and checked my bag and saw the sad little container sitting there. Had to throw it out. Boooo. Oh well, not really missing all that much. Guess I’ll have to go to Just Salad for lunch today. Haha. 😉

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  1. So were you waiting for all the new-restaurant-traffic to die down before trying S’MAC? I stopped by when it first opened, and the line was nearly a block long…for mac ‘n cheese!

    Anyway, I love mac ‘n cheese and finally ate there a couple weeks ago. I had the Cajun and tried some of my friend’s Mozarella. SO good. You should give it another shot!

  2. i totally agree! i went with 4 friends and we got 4 different kinds to share…and they all tasted the same. it’s such a great idea, but not well executed. maybe they’ll perfect the recipes over the next couple of months…

  3. you should have just gone to the Radio 4 show and then this saturday you could go see Paramore on long island.

    you should talk to me before you make any plans.

  4. i read that article about just salad in ny mag and i really couldn’t believe that those people they interviewed admitted to simply going there cos there are hot people waiting on line and working there…………so when are we going??

  5. It’s pretty hit or miss. I went like a dork on opening day and I think they were just too overwhelmed and uh, neglected to put any burger in my Man n Cheese-burger. 2nd time was a charm though!

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