If It Makes You Feel Better, I Also Saw Hot Chip

I know many of you are totally rolling your eyes to the fact that I went to Warped Tour this weekend, but I just finished my write up of it, so check it out if you’re interested.

On an indie rock note, I DID see Hot Chip last Friday at River to River‘s show at South Street Seaport, and it was super fun. There was a fantastic turnout, and the setting amidst the docked sailboats could not have been more lovely.

hot chip
Could “Over and Over” be the best song of 2006??

WATCH: “Boy from School” by Hot Chip at River to River event

6 Replies to “If It Makes You Feel Better, I Also Saw Hot Chip”

  1. for a ‘venue’ that seems like it would be a reverberating nightmare, the sound is really great for these shows. and not just for hot chip behind their bigger sound – juana molina also sounded excellent.

  2. Fuck me! I didn’t see you. I knew I should have called you but for some reason I thought, nah she’s not coming. I have poor instincts.

  3. ummm you douche, you should’ve told me that you were going cause i was right there (hello pace) and decided against going cause i didn’t know anyone would be there.. LAME

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