Muse Take a Bow

Tonight I along with half of lower Manhattan (and a quarter of Long Island and New Jersey) saw MUSE at Hammerstein Ballroom. I’m still totally amazed at how such a TINY little man like Matt Bellamy can command the rapt attention of such a HUGE room.

Muse has a spectacular stage set up, with three large projection screens set behind the band, which used live feeds from cameras positioned in the venue to produce ginormous pictures like Matt Bellamy’s head, but about 30 feet tall.

muse hammerstein

It was fun when they panned the crowd and you could see all the supersweaty kids waving to themselves. (Was there like NO AIRCONDITIONING THERE OR WHAT?!)

Lots of oldies but goodies like “Time Is Running Out” and the first song that turned me on to Muse, “Plug In Baby”.

muse hammerstein

“Knights of Cydonia” was one of the encores…
muse hammerstein

On the way back to the subway Jeff pointed out the Project Runway window at Macy’s, so I had to stop and take a picture:

project runway window
Awww… Look! It’s the Keith dress. If you listen to Tim Gunn’s podcast, seriously, you’ll get so sad about Keith having to leave. Tim makes it seem like Keith was really bummed out on the show…but he did bring it upon himself.

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  1. Yes yes yes yes yes yes to Muse! Fuck yeah even. And The cloud room got really good since i caught them like a year ago.

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