I Wanna See You Out that Door, Baby Bye Bye Bye

As promised, someone got kicked off Project Runway tonight independent of elimination.

If you TiVoed it and don’t want to know who got the boot, don’t read anything after the jump!

…and that someone was KEITH! It wasn’t for those rip-off sketches (which according to Tim Gunn, were part of a “look book” of trends and a non-issue), but the totally undramatic finding that he had…*gasp*…pattern making books. Tsk tsk, Keith! In addition to that he apparently went “missing” for a few hours from the production team (another no-no) and used the internet (yet another boo boo). Keith the king of shortcuts and cheats is gone! Gotta say, a little sad to see him go, but rules are rules.

Um and how HILARIOUS is Laura on the show? She’s so mean and blunt and curses more than anyone else. It’s so funny. When Keith got kicked off, she just said something like “What an a**hole!” in her interview. HAhahahahah! She’s the best.

This week’s elimination was hard! I didn’t want to see Robert nor Bonnie leave…but sadly Bonnie had to go.
Just wondering who will get to be the villian of the show now that Angela has redeemed herself momentarily…but if the previews are any indication, she’ll be back to cRRRrraAAAZZZIIIiiies next week! Right on. The challenge? Seems to be model’s choice.

12 Replies to “I Wanna See You Out that Door, Baby Bye Bye Bye”

  1. keith… good riddance, i hope you had the time of your life.

    angela, you are still a crazy bitch, you only won b/c of laura (who i FUCKING LOVE!!)

    vincent, how are you still there?

  2. Hahaha! I love Laura! I also like the time she and Keith weren’t getting along, and she said something like “Keith has turned into a major shithead.”

  3. didn’t like laura at first….but now i LOVE her! she is so hilarious plus she can sew like crazy. if she can keep fake fur off the next task, she will make it to the final 3.

  4. I think there was more to this than books and the net. I’ll bet on a drug problem. The guy’s eyes were rolled back in his head 90% of the time.

  5. vincent is so stupid. how did he even make it onto the show?????
    i hate group tasks. it’s not fair to the leader. for some reason the person who picks the leaders chooses the worst designs, no one wants to make them, and then it all falls on the main designer and not those who helped….bonnie totes shouldn’t have taken all the blame for it. bradley, as much as i love him, is a moron who can’t do anything. he should’ve gone.
    i’m glad keith is gone. he’s an asshole.
    anyway….snakes on a plane.

  6. am i the only one who thinks laura sucks? her designs are soooo freaking ugly. the fake fur is lame. the cuts of the fabric are retarded and look early ’90s. the white dress was one of the worst things i’ve ever seen. it looked like a gymnastics outit with some extra fabric on the bottom to make it a dress.

  7. Angela in no way redeemed herself. I think that if Michael and Laura weren’t able to reel her in she would have lost.

  8. i work for INC. not the chicks line, the dudes line. i thought keith was talented, sad to see him go. bradley reminds me of the dudes from rogues gallery…love him. i love how talented, save vincent, this season’s designers are…Allison is the cutest thing since baby kittens. Go Allison!

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