Teddy Ruxpin Was Fly, But He Never Cut an Album

Perhaps inspired by the great tradition of totally awesome fuzzy bears, there’s a band from Sweden called Teddybears STHLM (not to be confused with The Teddybears, Phil Spector’s band). You may already know their song “Cobrastyle” from this Heineken commerical people were talking about.

They’ve got a new album which drops September 12 on Big Beats Records they are in the States to promote. According to their press release, “The album, a mash up of styles touching on garage punk beats, Electro, Dancehall and Krautrock, features a diverse array of guest vocalists, including Iggy Pop, Neneh Cherry, Elephant Man, Annie, Ebbot Lundberg of Soundtrack of Our Lives and Mad Cobra.” I wish the press release instead read, “The band is called Teddybears. With a name like that, they are inherently awesome.”

Check out the great artwork for their LP, Soft Machine, a twisted photo of a sexy lady body with a creepy teddybear head. Brilliant!

Wanna take a listen? Download the MP3s below.

DOWNLOAD: “Cobrastyle” by Teddybears STHLM 

DOWNLOAD: “Punkrocker” by Teddybears STHLM featuring Iggy Pop

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  1. their song “yours to keep” was the feel good hit of the summer for my friends and me 2 years ago…highly recommended!

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