The Gaskets Are My New Favorite Band

I gotta clean up my apartment before my friends come over to stay for their first time in NYC, but I just had to share with you this video of The Gaskets I made on my little point-and-shoot camera tonight. I was DJing The Music Slut‘s one-year anniversary party at The Delancey and these boys were headlining. I. WAS. BLOWN. AWAY. by how amazing they were. Think We Are Scientists meets Wham! (yes, I went there!)

WATCH: “End Game” by The Gaskets @ The Delancey, NYC (I love the dancing!)

I angrily asked my friend why I didn’t know they existed until now, and he told me it was because I don’t read blogs. He’s right. I don’t. But you do, obviously…so PLEASE check them out on Myspace right now.

During the set, sequencer Ross took my hand and pulled me up on stage as part of a bit they do where they “heal” someone in the audience. Having never seen them before/ known anything about them I had no idea this was coming, so when they asked me what my ailment was, I quickly decided upon the first thing that came to my head–“the shakes”. Then I proceeded to do the Pete Wentz shake when promted by the Gasket boys. I was then told to do a trust fall after I’d been “healed”…which I did. Then I ran off the stage as soon as I could. Hahahah.

I’m probably going to get busted on this, but I don’t care. Lead singer Ted Blanks is a hottie of Keith Murray proportion. Check it out, ladies:

ted blanks

More (shirtless) photos over at Flickr.

More later!

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12 replies on “The Gaskets Are My New Favorite Band”

  1. Catchy song, thanks for the video clip. But why does he have a hammer? (Flickr suggests that somebody might have documented your “healing” too.)

  2. i can see how you love them, and “HIM”… but i mean come on…

    better than THE STROKES?!?!?!?!?!

  3. One of my friends who lives in VA has been talking about The Gaskets a lot over the past couple of years. Great to see you’ve caught on to them! If that’s the case they must be worth the hype!

  4. Hey that’s my son you’re talking about!!!! Glad you like them — I’ve known about Teddy’s great talent since he was 2. Always a singer and performer– it was destiny!!!!!


  6. i know im replying to this like 6 months too late but i saw them last night. swoon. seriously. swoon.

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