U2 Covers Albert Hammond Jr. ????? Huh?

I’m not going to vouch that this MP3 of U2 allegedly covering Albert Hammond Jr.’s song, “Obstinate” (which appeared on the “In Transit” documentary DVD) is real…but if it is, I’m VERY confused.

Someone PLEASE suss this out.

UPDATE: U2 wasn’t covering Albert. Albert was playing tracks off his new solo album for the band.

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  1. well, the u2 “beach recordings” were taped by fans off of bono’s terrace in the south of france. most of the clips were clearly u2, this one is obviously a strokes song, but it is not necessarily u2. the music recorded by fans was just playing on bono’s soundsytem in his house.

    maybe this is albert’s new version of it and he was playing it for u2. weren’t the strokes in nice just last week? or maybe he jammed with them and bono sang?

    more info is here.

  2. he’s recorded a solo album. it’s very good. this is a better version of the demo on “in transit.” that is all.

  3. ryan gentles has responded to fans emails about it

    they weren’t covering the song, albert was there that day and was playing them some of his solo recordings when the band had a day off during their tour last week.

    I can’t believe some crazy fans were actually outside using spy gearto secretly record the sounds coming from the house… very creepy, to say the least. the song is actually called “in transit”, and yes, albert’s solo album is due OCT. 9th, and will exclusively be released in the U.K., because that’s the only place he has a record deal…

    I’m sure it will be available for purchase elsewhere as an “import”, or through web stores…

    ryan the strokes wiz kid mgmt

  4. I’m VERY proud to say that I’m the geek that opened this whole thing up on 3 blogs! I love both bands and was psyched to hear it… Albert is highly underrated…

  5. albert is my favorite stroke. i can’t even begin to explain how excited i am about his album. oh, and u2 blow.

  6. ohhh..no. what a terrible thing happenned.
    albert hanging out with u2.

    i think it’s interesting.
    two tremendous guitarists together

    obviously u2 won’t cover a strokes song.
    i’ve found that albert visited them
    and showed his songs.
    that’s it.


    strokes wouldn’t cover u2?

    are you sure they haven’t done it yet?
    well discover the song that the strokes stole it’s intro.

    btw, i guess obstinate sounds a little bit like the edge’s style.

    well they have the same influences anyway.

  7. hey and what about his solo album ???

    is comming out on october 9!!

    ‘Yours To Keep’

    track list:

    ‘Cartoon Music for Superheroes (Goodnight)’
    ‘In Transit’
    ‘Everyone Gets A Star’
    ‘Call An Ambulance’
    ‘Blue Skies’
    ‘Back To The 101’
    ‘Bright Young Thing’
    ‘Hard to Live in the City’

    i just can’t wait!! enhorabuena por alberto … !!

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