Links for 2006-07-27

Muse Go Rural With George Clooney – AOL Music News Blog
British rockers Muse have been packing them in on their latest tour. Their sold out gigs to thousands of sweaty Americans though have provided quite the change of scenery for mercurial frontman Matt Bellamy. He recently moved to rural Italy.

“We’re Here to Fight Evil” on
If “Death Rockers” My Chemical Romance say they’re superheroes, then who is Blender to argue? We just don’t remember spider-man having so many problems with drink, drugs and swearing in front of kids.

How To Land A Rich Man –
With burning bras a distant memory, these shameless women have authored books, offer seminars and even give private lessons on how to snag a moneyed man

Kathie Takowsky Gold Diamond Snakes On A Plane Necklace – SHOPINTUITION
This eye catching necklace was designed by Lin Shaye who plays Grace in the upcoming movie, Snakes On A Plane.

A Month on the Town
The man who’s reviewed 12,000 records reviews 32 shows in 30 days

Annie Get Your Cell Phone Gun > Fly Life by Tricia Romano
The Crobar shooting inspires odd rumors, while the anti-cabaret laws inspire ballet.

Teddy Geiger YouTube Contest
Make a 60 second video of yourself lip synching to Teddy’s new single "These Walls"! The most creative video wins Sony electronics!

YouTube – Interview with Pete Wentz and Sonny Moore

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