Your New Movie Star Boy Crushes: The Treadaway Brothers

Today I went to the premiere of Brothers of the Head, a new British movie showing at the IFC Film Center. The film is about Siamese twins who rise to fame as a punk band in the 1970s. It’s basically the story of what would happen if Carl Barat and Pete Doherty had been born with a shared liver and circulatory system.

The movie is definitely worth seeing, it’s not as amazing as some other fictional freak rock star movies (like Hedwig and the Angry Inch), but the music composed by Clive Langer that is played in the movie is well worth the price of admission. I became totally obsessed with all the original music performed in the movie that I’m dead set on getting the soundtrack.

I kinda wish this band, Bang Bang really existed because the music is great! “My Friend (You C—)” is truly an AMAZING song. If you love the Libertines/ The Clash/ etc, you will totally EAT UP this movie soundtrack. It’s really brilliant. You can check out some of the songs on the official Brothers of the Head web site.

Oh, and need I mention that the brothers that play the conjoined twins are TOTALLY HOT?? Here’s the proof of the Treadaway brother’s adorableness:

brothers of the head

The Treadaways with the directors of Brothers, Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe

luke treadaway

Luke and…

harry treadaway


Remember these faces. Not only are these kids gonna be stars (Harry will be in the new Joy Division movie, Control, playing Stephen Morris…although he totally looks like Ian Curtis in that photo) but they have awesome taste in music, as revealed by the 7-song playlist they requested the MisShapes DJs to play during the afterparty.

Hellooooo The Kinks, Talking Heads, Joy Division, Thom Yorke, Lou Reed, Kings of Leon, David Bowie, and The Clash! Total classics.

luke and harry ipod

Let’s hear it for the boys and to the success of their movie, which opens in NYC on Friday, July 28th.

WATCH: “2-Way Romeo” by Bang Bang

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  1. Interesting tidbit: the Arctic Monkeys played as ‘Bang Bang’ for a while before they made it big. Hell, I’m sure pictures of Alex and Matt sporting their ‘Bang Bang’ t-shirts are still available.

  2. sigh…….we really don’t need anymore soulless idiots showing up at misshapes like they cool. cuz they not. i mean, not that anyone that goes there is cool in the first place. because, like, i tend to think that…oh bother.

  3. ew…are you sure? they look wierd, emaciated and slow,take a second look maybe,too many people get fooled into thinking someones cute cos they have an indie boy haircut

  4. I actually got to meet Luke one of the Q/A seesions they had at the IFC he looks even better i person if that is all possible and he asked if i wanted to be the third head…

  5. Of course he looks better. This picture is not very good 😛

    Maddox:” he asked if i wanted to be the third head…”

    That’s so much like him! HAHA! That’s why I love these guys.

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