The Vines Return to the Stage and Play Secret Gig in Sydney

The Vines! The band that vowed never to do a live show again recently took to a crowd of about 200 people under the name “Joe Dirt” in a secret show in a side room of Annandale Hotel in Sydney, Australia on July 19th. Indeed, the same venue where Craig Nicholls bleated at the crowd and called them sheep and kicked a photographer in the face, causing former bassist Patrick Matthews (who now is in Youth Group) to leave the stage out of frustration. This was the first live performance from the band in two very long years. Australian indie blog 12 Major Chords was on hand to witness the event.

They did a set of 15 songs, including favorites “1969”, “Ms. Jackson” (Outkast cover), and “Highly Evolved”, as well as songs off their new album, Vision Valley. Lead singer Craig Nicholls sported long, chin-length stringy hair, a black zip-up hoodie, and elastic bands on his wrists. New bassist, Brad Heald, joined the band onstage. The Vines have since announced a string of live shows in Europe.

For more info about the show, head over to 12 Major Chords and Dreamin the Insane

Photo by Allie from DTI boards:

the vines
Photo from 12 MC:

the vines

WATCH: “Outtathaway” by The Vines (Live at Annandale Hotel, Sydney, Australia)

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9 Replies to “The Vines Return to the Stage and Play Secret Gig in Sydney”

  1. Just for reference, the site is Called “Dreamin the Insane” not “dream in.” It’s a Vines lyric reference. Cheers.

  2. They also played the massive “Splendour in the Grass” festival in Byron Bay, NSW on Sunday, as a secret addition to the lineup. Very good too, apparently. No word yet on when the next breakup (or breakdown) is…

  3. Just saw them on Sunday….They were the “Secret” band at the Splendour In The Grass festival.
    It was very exciting…..some people were onto it that the Vines were the secret band but I wasn’t so i was very surprised…i felt like a girl of 20 again.

    Other bands that played over the weekend were Youth Group, Death Cab, Tv on The Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sonic Youth, Snow Patrol, The Grates, You am I, Scissor Sisters, DJ shadow, The Zutons, Wolfmother, Jose Gonzales and Brian Wilson. Plus heaps more.
    It was rad and awesome.

  4. I wondered the same thing, Laura. Haha. I even tried to look side of stage to see, but to no avail ( i can’t beleive i just admitted to that).
    There was the old crazy craig and drum-kit smashing at the end so i bet Patrick didn’t miss that….but the crowd loved it. Hillarious.

    I prefer youth group anyway.

  5. damn, y’all are so lucky. i was so glad i saw the vines on their last tour. no one screams like craig. he seems like he puts his entire soul into each performance (sometimes good AND bad!)

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