7 Replies to “When Did MUSE Get So Freaking Huge in the US?”

  1. I guess touring only colleges last year paid off. Saw them in LA a few nights ago — it was stellar. Matt played a whole chorus of Plug In Baby with the guitar behind his head.

  2. when american music/gossip sites,such as those in your links go on and on about them and their readers do as theyre told and go buy the cd

  3. It’s about freaking time that Muse be near the top of the charts here. #2 Anonymous needs to shut the hell up, BH&R is one of the greatest albums to come out this year. I was also at the LA show on Wednesday (where Haley Joel Osment allegedly got drunk at) and it was spectacular. Definitely the best show so far in ’06.

  4. Muse is horrible. Thom Yorke is #2 on the Billboard chart &&&&&&& HE’S ON AN INDEPENDENT LABEL. Muse can eat it.

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