Links for 2006-07-20

ohnotheydidnt: KIMYA DAWSON to be a mother any day now!
Helllooooo belly!

village voice > nyclife > How Not to Pay Rent by Maria Luisa Tucker
The lofty ambitions of tenants of illegal apartment buildings

The Summer Uniform: Short, Sweet and Cool – New York Times
“The look is less Paris Hilton than Jane Birkin,’’ Ms. Bereson said, referring to the British model, pop star and London “it” girl of the 60’s. “It’s not va-va-voom sexy. It’s more about being daring and confident, cool and chic.’’

The Graying of the Record Store – New York Times
In the era of iTunes and MySpace, the customer base that still thinks of recorded music as a physical commodity (that is, a CD), as opposed to a digital file to be downloaded, is shrinking and aging, further imperiling record stores already under pressure

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