Yay Sondre and His Simon Cowell-esque Tshirts!

It’s late, but I just wanted to post a photo of Sondre Lerche at Barnes and Noble today before I went to sleep. He was delightful as always…although I couldn’t help but notice his little belly since he was wearing a skin-tight gray t-shirt. It was adorable.

sondre lerche

You can catch the entire interview/performance on BN.com at a later date.

Oh btw- Everyone totally gasped in delight when they announced that Duncan Sheik would be appearing at the next Upstairs at the Square event on August 16th at the Union Square B&N. Awesome.

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  1. ummm actually you were the ONLY one who gasped in delight when the announced that Duncan Sheik was going to be the next guest…

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