Links for 2006-07-19

Braff drafts Coldplay, Apple for "Last Kiss" – Yahoo! News
Zach Braff has the world’s most predictable, boring taste in indie/pop music. He picks out music like a snotty blogger. I guess it’s better than putting Godsmack on every album though…

The Observer | OMM | ‘I’m bringing back sexy’
Could Justin Timberlake get any hotter? With his sexually provocative new record, Hollywood girlfriend and confessions of drug taking, the former child entertainer is making his play to be the world’s biggest pop star. In an exclusive interview, Camilla L Pete Wentz Talks ‘Snakes’ Soundtrack
Fall Out Boy’s brash bassist tells about being the soundtrack assembler for the summer’s buzzed about hype machine, Snakes on a Plane.

ZOOZOOM Fashion Magazine
In the late 1970’s Janette Beckman started her career working for the English music magazine ‘Melody Maker’. As the youngest of the staff photographers her job was to cover the new bands, luckily these were the bands and the scene she loved: the punks, th

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  1. it’s so clear to me
    that zach and i are meant to be.
    we’re from the same county in new jersey.
    and we both like MOR indie!!

    i’m a poet and i didn’t knowit.

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