Links for 2006-07-17

Cable and Tweed: Demetri Martin MP3s and Video
Funny funny NYC-based comedian

ohnotheydidnt: Project Runway’s Keith Michael has been a naughty boy!
It looks like Keith Michael (the winner of the very first challenge of the season) might have knocked off several different designers for "inspiration" in his sketchbook portfolio as seen in the first episode of PR. Credit to TWOP for the discovery and TF

Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/16/2006 | Gore’s volume is a Rodale success.
A convenient book for Pa. publisher

Rocking Emissions – Popular Science
Is the rock-concert lighter salute bad for the environment?

stereogum: Avril Lavigne Marries Sk8r Boi
Avril and Deryk get hitched!

Lego My Eggo, Indeed – New waffles encourage you to play with your food
New waffles encourage you to play with your food

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