The Best Siren Festival Ever!

Hey everyone! So I’ve got a TON to say about this weekend’s Village Voice Siren Festival at Coney Island. It was AMAZING. I had one of the best times ever out of all the Siren Fests I’ve been to–and I’ve been to ALL of them.

I saw so many old friends–people who I see about once a year. I wish I had more time to talk to everyone. That’s the sad thing about Siren, you end up running around from stage to stage, waiting for beer/ Nathan’s hot dog, and/or bathroom that there’s no time to just rest and hang out and chat. There are seriously so many ppl I just said “hi” to and then lost–never to see them again during the fest. So if you are someone I had a brief encounter with this weekend, please drop me an email (the info is on the right-hand sidebar) and we can hang out!

I also got to meet a ton of new friends! So if you should also follow the instructions above.

Anyway, please watch this space for my full update. Hopefully up after tomorrow night.

In a nutshell, Art Brut and Scissor Sisters were the total highlights of the festival. Scissor Sisters were beyond awesome. They should play every year! By the encore(s) the joint was like a giant gay dance party. SO GREAT!

Also my friends The Misshapes were the official DJs of the day. So exciting, despite some *ahem* technical difficulties with equiptment. They did a great job anyway. Oh and how about The Cribs playing “Hey Scenester!”. Yessssss….

The absolute WORST moment of this year’s Siren? Me being stuck on that freaking Nathan’s line for an HOUR, missing almost all of Dirty on Purpose because I was only like 5 people from the front of the line. I ended up getting a hot dog, running over to the stage w/ dog in one hand and shooting photographs with the other–in the RAIN, mind you. Never again!!

Catch some pictures here and here.

Read more about the fest over at The Music Slut, Brooklyn Vegan

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  1. what I told you at siren fest was all true, but then monday morning they pulled the plug on the whole project. sorry if i got your hopes up. i swear it was supposed to happen.

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