Catch Me “DJing” and Bands Playing on Wednesday…and Emo Sondre Lerche?

Yeah yeah…I’ll be “DJing” aka- hitting “play” on the CD player and my iPod on Wednesday as part of the launch for the new site Haystack. Stop by and say hello! Here are the details:

Wednesday, July 19th
Haystack and Insound Present… @ Club Midway
Ave B between 2nd and 3rd
$7 at the door

8pm – Annie Lin
9pm – Arbor Day
10pm – Cavalier King
11pm – The Yards

Before the show you should definitely check out a FREE Sondre Lerche show that is going on at 7pm at Barnes and Noble as part of some “Upstairs at Union Square” author/musician series they are doing. And then after the show you can head over to Audrey‘s Calling All Kids at Saphire!

Oh btw- on Sondre Lerche, he’s got a new diary entry where he talks about getting beat up as a kid for wearing A-Ha tshirts and his philosophy on wearing eye shadow. Apparently photos of him from a magazine called The Book Los Angeles has caused quite a stir on his message boards, with some hailing his eyeshadow wearing as an indication of “selling out”.

His new entry explains that wearing a little makeup should never spell sell out to anyone. He’s got a point, when was the last time you saw a female pop star being lambasted for wearing some eyeshadow? Equal eyeshadow-wearing rights for all, I say! Besides, he looks hot! It’s fun to see him with a totally different look. Now if only we could get him to do a duet with Patrick Stump…my head would explode.

sondre lerche emo

Seriously, if those kids think that photo is emobad, they should start reading my other site, So More Scene. Then they’ll realize there are far worse offenders than Sondre Lerche.

He also mentions some ultra-awesome girl at his label who gave him the A-Ha tshirt which he wore to the now infamous photo shoot. Wonder who THAT was! 😉 (PS- I don’t work for a record label, so don’t think it’s me!)

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2 replies on “Catch Me “DJing” and Bands Playing on Wednesday…and Emo Sondre Lerche?”

  1. you know i love him, and i don’t think he sold out, but what gets me is that it doesn’t seem like a very sondre thing to do. that’s all i have to say about THAT.
    oh and i’ll only come to your “dj gig” if you promise to play panic and fob. hahahahaha.

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