Greetings from Siren Festival

More to come from this year’s Village Voice Siren Festival at Coney Island…

eddie argos at siren festival

Art Brut’s Eddie Argos waved hello…

jeffrey lewis ryan jarman

Anti-folk music star Jeffrey Lewis and buddy Gary Jarman of The Cribs were all smiles…

jenny and karen

Jenny and Karen rocked out after Art Brut…

geordon and tricia

Tricia gave Geordon a smootch right before the Scissor Sisters went on…

sirent festival scissor sisters

And the Scissor Sisters took a bow after their marathon start-and-stop encore!

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6 replies on “Greetings from Siren Festival”

  1. crap this is going to be like how i can never remember which one is called liam and which one is noel gallagher. seriously, i can never remember EVER.

  2. I remember it because I think one of them is less worse than the other (I hate them). Noel is Nice and Liam is Louty. It works for me.

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