Guess Which Member of Okkervil River I Think Is the Cutest

Tonight I decided last minute to head over to Castle Clinton in Battery Park to see Okkervil River as part of the River to River festival. I have to say, R2R is one of the best free festival events going on in the city right now. The shows always have such a great vibe and take place in really beautiful settings.

Anyway I was told before coming to the show that they were sorta meets emo (hence why I went) but that the band wasn’t super cute or anything.

So when life gives you lemons, make lemonade…Out of the band members on stage, which do you think I thought was the cutest?

okkervil river

okkervil river

But on the music side, I liked the encore songs the best, which I heard were all older songs. Especially the one about the President being dead.

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  1. I have some videos of mine linked on my blog! And some pictures though my pictures are not quite the quality of yours.

  2. Here’s my stab in the dark: Brian? He’s the one standing in the front center in the top photograph.

    I didn’t make it but I was told that the encore was two new songs (the one about the President being dead is going to be on a vinyl-only single soon), plus Westfall (the murder ballad — “evil don’t look like anything”) and Okkervil River song (“I searched and stared but only the river stared back”). Both of those are on Don’t Fall in Love with Everyone You See, which I highly recommend.

  3. I have mixed feelings about these guys the first time I saw them they were pretty great but then their set at SXSW was horrible. They came of as a bunch of cry babies. However I plan to check out one of thei Bowery show to give them another chance.

  4. Bass Player.! You heart the bass player. It’s like the rules – i always do.
    Bass or keys….it’s always bass or keys.
    Wow i’m so 5.

  5. oh i was thinking it was Will but oh well..Will is so adorable. I met him @ Castle Clinton that night. 😀

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