Links for 2006-07-13

<i>Post</i> Beholdest The Mote That Is In The Hipster’s Nose But Considerest Not The Beam That Is In Its Own – Gawker

village voice > news > Fatal Trek by Kathryn Belgiorno
The mysterious desert death of a Brooklyn yoga devotee

Kate Moss is going to get her kit off online | Vogue
Kate will be featured in four mini-films called The Four Dreams of Miss X as a mysterious lady in various saucy scenes, although viewers will not know it is the supermodel until the final spot.

‘Now, we’re just Parker Posey’s parents’ – The Clarion-Ledger
"We tell people we used to be Chris and Lynda Posey, and now we’re just Parker Posey’s parents," Lynda Posey said with a chuckle. "In New York, it’s like watching the domino effect when we walk behind her."

Ben Widdicombe’s Gatecrasher: ‘Runway’ model’s traffic tragedy
Hungarian model Jia Santos (whose real name is Eliza Jakubek), 18, became one of the three finalists. But near the end of taping, she was struck by a bus while riding her bike to the show’s location in the city.

The Devil’s in the Details – What the film gets right about fashion magazines. By Amanda Fortini
What the film gets right about fashion magazines.

YouTube – ZIDANE a new way to solve problems.. make it like zidane
Do it the Zidane way!