What Do You Think of the New Killers Preview?

Many of you were pissed off about Brandon Flowers’s pornstache, but what do you think of the snippet of “When You Were Young”? It’s the first single off of The Killers‘ upcoming new album, which drops October 3rd, 2006.

LISTEN TO AUDIO SAMPLE: “When You Were Young” by The Killers

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36 replies on “What Do You Think of the New Killers Preview?”

  1. those cheeseball lyrics remind of a mix of starsailor and coldplay, and i mean that in the most horrible way possible. too bad. i loved you, killers.

  2. Yeah those lyrics are really atrocious, good lord. The song sounds pretty weak too. But whoa, the lyrics.

  3. prior to this album they were banging on about they wanted to make more of a classic rock album but this just sounds like there old stuff but not as good.
    That being said I only really liked the song when he’s rattling on about some bird getting her dress taken off.

    there’s more to music than jangling guitars people

  4. Wow, i was always hesitant on sayin i liked the killers … i decided to wait to hear their second album before i even bought the first album. and now that i’ve heard this son i know that i can save myself the 20 bucks. this song sounds like the killers went into the studio and said “Okay, we need to make an album where every song sounds similal to all these things that i’ve done!!!”
    I also think their major downfall will be the fact that Brandon said this album will be the best album in 20 years… Yeah right. i know the killers like to copy the strokes but now their doing it down to the bad carreer moves on your sophmore album. Its gunna sound exactly like their first album. Man i hate the killers

  5. I agree. Brandon Flowers sure talks a lot shit for someone who wears eyeliner and sings like a pussy. Only a few people can pull off the eyelinger/lipstick look, him not being one of them. From the amount of shit he talks, you would think he was a real badass or something. I am still confused why their last album got so much attention.

  6. Why are you all hating. Your founding opinions on a 40o second clip. i heard it today fully and it’s epic. Dont be so quick to form unimformed opinions you spoons! Your sure right goosestrips your mam looks hideous with or without eyeliner the slag. roll on october 3rd!!!

  7. OMG. i love the new song, i cannot WAIT until the new album comes out. its going to be brilliant. i love the rythm and the synthesizer 🙂
    awesome song .
    AMAZING song.
    Superb band.

  8. the fist time i heard it i wasnt sure but the more i listen to it the more i really really love it. i think it sounds more american(which isnt meant to be good or bad). but yeah i think its sooo awesome and i cant wait for the album to come out!!!

  9. they all could do with a shave to be honest…not sure i’m a fan of the song though but it might grow on me

  10. The more I read people’s comments on this track, the more I think a lot of Killer’s fans only liked them based on the style and sheen of their music. This track is EXCELLENT. Just the way the entirely different chords are emphasized on the last time through the chorus shows the quality…not to mention it has real passion in it. No, it’s not dance rock…no, it’s not the trendy sound of the moment, but it’s massive, it’s great, and it’s not the 180 some people seem to think it is…nor is it the Springsteen clone others are saying it is.

    By the way, how on earth is saying “I’ve been listening to a lot of Bruce Springsteen” a bad thing? How are people trying to use that against this track?

    This is all the same as back in ’96 when people in the US tried to dismiss Oasis by calling them Beatles ripoffs…a few years goes by and, opps!, their first two records are classics and actually don’t sound a damn thing like the Beatles. To anyone thinking of jumping on the hater bandwagon- listen to the whole track and don’t listen for Springsteen, don’t listen for the Killers, just listen to the song, because it’s fantastic.

  11. I dont think the lyrics are all that bad at all. Its deffinetely supposed to be springstein based and its not really close to the boss but i really enjoy the song

  12. dude the lyrics are cool…

    and the music is good…

    its not a very noticeable progression from hot fuss, but its good.

    better than the automatics or razorlights new shit.

  13. I honestly really enjoy the new song, from hearing it at the VMA’s and catching it on youtube. I thought the lyrics were different, and it had a different tone rather than full style compared to the previous album. I won’t even begin to judge the new album based solely on “When You Were Young” but in MY opinion, I really liked it and I can’t wait for the full release.

  14. all u dumb ass yanks dnt hav a clue wt u r tlkin abowt. their 1st album was brilliant hence it goin multi platinum

  15. I was really excited to hear a new album from the killers But the only thing they killed on this album was my ears. I hope they don’t even tour. And they return to the studio to appologize for this I hate to say it shitty album. It’s a waste to burn this on the cheapiest CD-RW you can find.

  16. A crock of shit.

    Best album for the last 20 years my arse.

    Fuck of Brandon Flowers, you twat!

  17. I don’t understand why everybody hates the new album. I’ll agree it’s not as amazingly great as Hot Fuss but come on people, if you were really a Killers fan, then you would realize that the music is still the same style and that you’re just not open enough to music. Really, it’s still indie and it’s still The Killers, it’s just new music, get over yourself.

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