Stop the Press: I’m a Blogger

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get wind of this (thanks Adam!), but here’s a BBC Radio 1 documentary titled “Stop the Press” by Imran Ahmed about the future of music journalism. Imran has it in his pretty little head that “the internet” is cool and where this generation’s hot new writing talent can be found. So misguided is he that he actually interviewed me for this, to which I agreed to giggle…a lot.

You can also hear Jason Productshop talking about being a premiere blogger and hear us plugging Scott, Dave, and Jeff.

You can download our segment below, or listen to the FULL docu over at the Radio 1 site. Imran talks to the folks at NME, Smash Hits (RIP), and Pitchfork.

DOWLOAD: Me and Jason sounding geeky in a BBC Documentary

LISTEN: “Stop the Press” by Imran Ahmed

Oh, and for the record, if I want to write about the new Blink-182 album, I’ll do so on So More Scene.

5 Replies to “Stop the Press: I’m a Blogger”

  1. What about the Pete Wentz/Fall out Boy crap(your teenage emo fetish) you like to talk about? It is sad to say, but I would prefer to talk about Blink 182 rather than Pete Wentz’s pube trimming. Personally, I would really like some more Gil Mantera’s Party Dream updates(you missed a good show a few weeks ago at knitting factory)

  2. I jumped the gun and didn’t realize you created a ‘safe haven’ over at So more scene. I will stop with the bashing

  3. hahah. thank you. i wanted to go see Gil Mantera’s Party Dream but I was so tired after Panic!…after traveling all day the day before. lame, i know.

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