Gunning for Harrington

So many other people have written up great reviews of yesterdays awesometastic Pool Party in Brooklyn that I’m not even going to bother writing a totally comprehensive review. Instead I’m just going to post nonsense about the concert.

Major props to Stereogum and Jelly NYC for organizing the event, which was just a clusterf-ck of indie rock hipness. What a brilliant day!

When Tim Harrington ran off the stage and invaded the dodgeball court the game stopped for a few seconds before everyone decided to throw dodgeballs at him for interrupting their game (below). You cruel cruel sportsmen! Oh BTW–see the dude in the right-hand corner wearing a headband? Who is he? Because my friends were obsessed with you headband dude, wherever you are…

les savy fav

les savy fav

Oh and by the way, hipster, while you were drinking Brooklyn Lager out of a plastic cup with your indie rock tshirt on, your arm casually draped around your cute indie rock girlfriend wearing a sundress and artfully mussed hair, you were in THE LINE OF FIRE. Yeah that’s right, check it out, you totally could have had your head blown off at ANY SECOND. You’re so lucky I was watching out for y’all. As soon as I started taking photos he walked away:

les savy fav

Blogging is not just about taking pictures: IT’S ABOUT SAVING LIVES, OK?

After the gig was over, someone managed to get all four guys sitting together. Smelling digital blood, the media attacked:

les savy fav

Quick! Which one of these people has a web site? Wait, why are you laughing? Go ahead, match up the person to the photo they took (note not all are in this picture): 1, 2, 3

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  1. Can you image if a bomb went off??
    All the hipsters will be gone…..

    ha ha ha ha…

    okay bad joke
    but still funny!!!!

  2. Really like the shot of that crazy looking dude with the beard infront of that SERIOUS graf


    that’s it, I’m moving to New York!

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