Where’s Your Head At?

I know everyone is entitled to a good time, but don’t you sometimes wonder where some of these people come from? This woman and her dance partner (not shown) brought their own glowing ball to dance with–to TISWAS. Last time I checked, none of the songs ever played at Tiswas require a glowing bouncy ball…seriously.

tiswas crazy person

11 Replies to “Where’s Your Head At?”

  1. some people just take haveing a good time a little too far. you gota give her props for being prepared though. if anyone in dire need of a bouncy ball she’s got you covered.

  2. Can we talk about her pants? They’re terrible.

    I hate to be one to dictate that everyone be fabulous. I mean, who am I? And anyway if everyone were fabulous, fabulosity would become diluted and meaningless and many existential crises would ensue. But damn, she and fabulous got into a cage match and it looks like they both lost.

  3. i can’t believe tiswas is still going on, i used to go to it all the time when it still was at coney island high. i feel so old right now. that was in like 1997.

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