Hooray for Fireworks

We have heat-seeking missiles, the ability to travel in space, to clone animals, yet the most advanced technology we have in fireworks is making boxes and smiley faces. Please explain.

smiley face fireworks

box fireworks


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  1. those death star exploding on?es were pretty fly! but yeh “cubes?! cubes is the best you can do!” is something i said tonight

  2. I like the smiley fireworks

    anyway how much does animal cloaning, heat seaking missles and space travel really cost ?????

  3. what about the slow floaters? they would slowly float up,
    then slowly descend, then slowly float up again, sparkling all the while. tell me that sucks. go ahead.

  4. yeah, i want fireworks that look like the faces of all the presidents, or at least the outlines of all the states, or at least of each member of keane, even though they arent american

  5. OMG u had a good view.
    My camera cant take nice pictures like those.
    Were u in a building when u shot these?
    I was in the midst of the mob of people along FDR drive. There were so many people..it was INSANE!

  6. At least you even got a stupid smily face.

    Where I live the best we got was a f*ing malfunction, a sh*t fanalle, and a few wimpy fireworks…. those picture kick ass compared to what I saw…

  7. Sorry for my anger and hatred and misspelling in that last comment…

    I just LOVE fireworks and I was totally dissappointed this year 🙁

  8. oops! ignore the blank anonymous comment above… i was trying to post a copy of my picture of fireworks (the saturns), but it obviously didn’t work! anyway, great photos as usual – i really enjoy your site… great writing, and great photography. keep it up! 🙂

  9. I think the standard fare was pretty cool, I was so close that car alarms were being set off from the sound. But yeah, the cubes and shit were lame. I mean, we live in the year two thousand and fucking six. Movies in the eighties told us we’d have flying cars and shit, but the best we can do is cubes. CUBES. I’m just happy Marty McFly never saw this.

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