Belle and Sebastian on the Fourth of July: “There Was a F-ck Up at City Hall”

When I think Independence Day, I think Scottish band from the “Old Country” with a flamboyant (NOT GAY–HOW??) lead singer wearing white trousers, asking if anyone has mascara because of all the fashion trends, goth never seems to go out of style and then sitting in front of the stage singing quietly as a girl in the front row applies the mascara. Don’t you?

I’m glad you agree, because that’s exactly what happened today. And I’m willing to bet that if you attended the FREE River to River Belle and Sebastian show at Battery Park you probably had as much fun as I did. Right before the band was supposed to go on it was POURING rain, but it soon lightened up and the band went on w/out a hitch and then the sun came out and it was the loveliest of all days possible.

belle and sebastian

It still didn’t beat the best 4th of July show ever, when Ryan Adams played the same stage in 2003, but it was pretty damn great. The crowd was AMAZING. When everyone was clapping it sounded like THUNDER. I was totally blown away by the turn out.

I nearly flipped out when they played my most favorite B&S song, the oh-so-rockin’ “Your Cover’s Blown“, toward the end of the set. Oh and I just want to take a moment here to ask y’all why NO ONE TOLD ME THERE WAS A RIDICULOUSLY HOT GUY IN BELLE AND SEBASTIAN’S BAND? This guy, who’s name is Bobby Kildea, looks like he should be in Kasabian, not B&S:

belle and sebastian's bobby kildea

Some of the highlights of the show included Stuart Murdoch insisting there had been a “f-ck up at City Hall” in response to the fact that they were a British band playing in America on the day devoted to this country breaking free from Great Britain. I also loved the aforementioned stint where Stuart had mascara applied to his face by an audience member.

I also almost died when Bobby played the agogo bells during “Your Cover’s Blown” and I ended up shouting, “MORE COWBELL!”, much to everyone’s dismay. Getting that girl from the crowd to come up and dance during “Johnathan David” then Stuart saying “that was good. 30 seconds in the back with a lady…or is her fella here?” (Thanks Rachel), Stuart pointing to the guy “about 75 meters back” with blond hair who was swaying perfectly to the music, and that guy turing around thinking he was talking to someone else.

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  1. b&s put on a great show. it was not as tight as their nokia performance a few months ago, but their relaxed attitude was appropriate for the day and its weather. stuart murdoch was sooo charming and funny.

    stuart, torquil campbell (of stars) and blake sennett (of rilo kiley) comprise a triumvirate of three wussy indie boys that I LOVE!!! god, they’re so cute.

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