26 Replies to “Which Member of the Strokes Needs a Haircut the Most?”

  1. Dude, Valensi totally doesn’t need a haircut! Look at it flow, like the locks of an angel.

    Albert Hammond, though. You’re starting to look like Kirk Hammett of Metallica, white suit and all.

    More importantly, is Nikolai Fraiture sporting a soul patch?

  2. Is Albert still going around stating he is only 25 years old? I think the balding ‘dad’ look is awesome!

  3. jeez i saw them a couple of months ago and albert had a bob dylan style fro and looked really hot. i have no idea what happened to him. nick looks like an idiot.

  4. the gig wasn’t as good as the ones at Hammerstein Ballroom. But The Raconteurs played the best set I’ve seen. It was incredible. Jack was wasted and took over control. I’ve never heard so many and so great guitar solos before. Insane. And they added 3 new songs to their repertoire. 2 of which I’m certain are covers (one of them was that “Bang! Bang! She shot me down” from Kill Bill. that was super cool. the crowd went nuts)

  5. wat ages are the strokes? the state of albert he looks like rom jerremy and nick looks wicked with the new hair

  6. Nick definately looked better with the ‘pixie/hobbit/i care about my hair but i try to look like i don’t’ look (so hot) but, as my friend put it, he’s Nick’- he’s frickin hot no matter what.

    Albert needs to do the balding thing and shave his head. That would be a radical change.

    Nikolai needs to get rid of his disgusting overgrown hair and make it better.

    I don’t know what came over these boys/men. They used to have such good hair…Oh God, I sound like my mum.

  7. oooh
    albert looks

    i love nicks hair

  8. nick is the youngest at 25, fab is 26, albert is 26 also i believe, nik is 27, and julian is 28. Julian, nick and Fab are all hot. Nick is in my opinion the hottest, when he has shorter hair. the hair now makes him look 10 years older, prolly did it for his 10 year older wife, amanda.

  9. the strokes are the best in the world!they are my life.NONE of them need a hair cut.

  10. Yeah i agree with Haedn about Nick having to compensate for being so damn young, and the fact that Amanda is 9 years older probably makes him feel like a baby (and he kinda looks like one anyway) hence the growing of longer hair and a beard.
    Even though my boyfriend looks like Valensi i reckon Valensi looks like a girl (dont’ know what that says about my bf and my choices in men) and with the hair he looks even more like a woman. It was nice mid lenth and gorgeous at the pixie lenth.. but mehh it’s his body, he can do what he want with it. lol

    Julian’s always hot.

    But Albert baby, don’t like the longer hair, but it’s his choice no matter what.

  11. OHHH and Jules new tat.
    Holy crapimole.
    Looks very christian, that’s cos all i saw was something that looked like a cross. I wonder if he’s following ganster trends. Opening up inspiration, experimenting a bit.

    Much better than the spidey tat.

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