2 Replies to “Video Battle: The Walkmen vs. The Killers”

  1. gonna have to go with the walkmen – first off, as far as western-themes go, the killers are brokeback mountain whereas the killers are more the wild bunch – brandon flowers, a guy who wears mascara is not the most manly lead singer – face it, he’s a nancy boy especially compared to hamilton leithauser who looks like he will kick your ass onstage.
    as far as a critique of the videos, “louisiana” is much more true to a western spirit- there are horses, a saloon in a border town, gunplay, mariachis, and graves. “all these things” is in a trailer park (?), he takes a shower(?), fake mustaches (lame), then they are in the neon graveyard in vegas with go-go girls, and he is taken out by a boomerang(!?).

  2. the walkmen. hands freaking down. hamilton doesn’t even have to try to look good, showering himself in boomerangs, accompanied by a face adorned in red lipstick smooches.

    afterall, it’s hamilton!

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