6 Replies to “Strike Up the Band, Woah Ho!”

  1. Aww,its not fair that you have to ghettoise this stuff over at somorescene..its sad that people see posts about bands they dont like and have to go into bitchingmeltdown instead of just scrolling to the next topic

  2. Panic! is awesome live. Sorry you didn’t get to see the windmill. 🙁 It’s beautiful. But oh! You had Brendon Urie hump the crowd — I’d rather have that any day than a windmill. And those pics are so so lovely!

    It’s so funny how everyone’s in love with the band. This girl who went to high school with Brendon never talked to him because she said he was a loser. Sweet, sweet irony. ~*~

  3. I LOVE PANIC i want to marry ryan ross brendon urie spencer smith jon walker peter wentz patrick stump andy hurley joesph trohman travis mccoy and so manny more people. BUT i LOVE pete wentz the most but he takes nasty pictures of himself and me and my friend think hes gay cuz hes going out with ryan and the proof is in the pudding on youtube he sayd im gay. I hayte ashlee simpson i think she should die

  4. i love brendon urie he is SO perfect plus my b-day is four days before his!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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