Oooh Baby I Love Your Way…

Ryan Adams, you are a crazy crazy man. A crazy crazy man who seems to be sober now (only drinking Diet Coke, no Jack) with one left hand covered in chipped black nailpolish (hollllaaa Carson Daly!) and decked out in perfectly-fitting Batman tshirt, jeans, and cowboy boots, looking as HOT as ever!

Ryan Adams is the perfect rock star boyfriend–ok, minus the totally bonkers factor. Talented, witty, and impossibly good-looking. I actually got into a fight with Jen Music Slut at the Flashy Python show about Ryan Adams’s level of attractiveness. I voted for the “undeniably attractive” she voted for “not so much.” Needless to say, I think Jen is crazy.

The setlist according to Matt (sorry guys, it was 2am and I was in no way shape or form to be writing down set lists):

Love Is Hell/ This Is It/ Please, Do Not Let Me Go/ Cherry Lane/ Note to Self Don’t Die/ Peaceful Valley/ Wish You Were Here/ Magnolia Mountain/ Easy Plateau/ Hard Way to Fall/ Let It Ride/ To Be Young/ Dear Chicago/ Cold Roses/ Shakedown on 9th Street/ Beautiful Sorta. ENCORE: Call Me on Your Way Back Home/ Come Pick Me Up/ Mockingbird

As you can tell by the set list, it was an amazing night. There wasn’t as much looney banter as there was during that infamous 4th of July concert at Battery City Park a few years ago, but there was some excellent talk about ninjas, unicorns, and DVDs. In attendance was JP Bowerstock, Nellie McKay, and Adams main squeeze du jour, Jessica Joffe.

ryan adams bowery

ryan adams bowery

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12 replies on “Oooh Baby I Love Your Way…”

  1. Wow those are some great pictures. It is good to see that he is finally playing some stuff from Rock ‘n’ Roll for the first time since early ’04. It is also nice to see he axed that beard he had.

    I am going to catch his Knoxville, Tenn., Atlanta, Ga. and Nashville, Tenn. shows in July and August. Hopefully the wonderful setlists of songs I have never heard continues.

    On another sad note after this tour I will have seen Ryan Adams 8 times.

  2. Ah, but totally bonkers makes him the perfect Tormented Rock Poet boyfriend!

    Whatever he’s doing, it’s agreeing with him . . . no beard and dodgy specs = foxxy Ryan.

    And, um, sounds like it was a musically enjoyable show, too!

  3. I loved that 4th of july show banter! his lover water who cheats on him with the soap! & sounds just like metallica-errrrr!

    I took 3 ryan adams newbies to the show & they were all looking at me as if I’d lost my mind.

  4. If you want to hear a really amazing show check out the Raleigh, NC show from 6-8-2005 on . Catlin Cary comes out and they play Whiskeytown songs for the first time in 6 years.

  5. Thanks. How great you enjoed it. Lots of folks got soaked, what with all that rain. hmmm.
    i cant sleep i got rap type showtunes judy garland style stuck in my membrane. sheesh.

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