My Not-So-Secret Life as a Professional Teenager

It’s not a secret that I have another web site, but I have never come out and said it on The Modern Age. I’ve been blogging on this other site for about 3 weeks. You can read the “about” section to learn the details as to why I needed another site.

It’s called So More and all I do is talk about bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Taking Back Sunday, and My Chemical Romance. If you do not have any remote interest in these bands, do NOT read my new site. And for all you loyal readers, don’t worry–TMA is still my main blog. SMS is just about me having fun!

so more scene screenshot

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13 replies on “My Not-So-Secret Life as a Professional Teenager”

  1. i actually like My Chemical Romance so i can’t say a damn thing and please talk about retrospect were NIrvana emo/whatever?O well.

  2. i just don’t understand why anyone would want to act like a 15 year old mall skank. whatever, more power to you. at least that fall out boy shit isn’t on here anymore.

  3. I’m a little shocked and confused, but you have given me so much in the way of news/viedoes ect that I cannot be angry.

    Still confused though.

  4. all these people that are shocked and all that…stop dramatizing so there’s some stuff you wouldnt do on here? what can you do about it? if you cant do anything about it stop moanin’ plus all those bands are awesome to no matter what anybody…i mean ANYBODY says

  5. it’s pretty lame that you actually care enough about comments to start up an entirely new blog. who cares? it’s not like the white stripes are relevant anymore anyway.

  6. well it’s kinda like if you grow up w/ you mom nagging you all the time, telling you what’s wrong with you and how you never do anything right–wouldn’t you just move out as soon as you were old enough and not tell your mom about all the stuff that you do that used to really annoy her? same deal. oh and thanks for the update about the WS not being relevant anymore. i was wondering what happened to them.

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