Links for 2006-06-26

Made Up Myspace Band: Hype and glory
As Alan McGee books a made-up band, Dave Simpson looks at the science of creating a buzz

Independent Online Edition > News
A spoof indie group with no musical experience found itself on the verge of achieving overnight success after chancing its luck on the internet site MySpace.

Stay Far, Far Away From This Wonderland
John Mayer proves himself to be a comedic genius…if by "genius" you mean "big stinking offensive failure and sad excuse of a man."

Dignan’s 75 Year Plan: 6/20 World Cup of Coffee
Budweiser, for their part, shows no scruples in making fun of American soccer coverage in marketing their beer internationally.

The Cincinnati Post – Cheap and chic
Fans of Target stores long ago nicknamed the retailer "Tar-zhay" for its cheap and chic clothes, the French accent lending the discounter acceptance among fashionistas.

For little kids, the line between reality and fantasy is very thin. Their backyards can suddenly turn into pirate ships, distant planets, desert dunes, or whatever they can imagine. That’s what The Backyardigans is all about.

The Nonstop Life of Local Superhero and Superman Returns Star Parker Posey — New York Magazine
The nonstop life of our local superhero.

shesbitter: best vintage clothing stores in nyc

Rivers Cuomo at Harvard: The Tough Sex Life of a Rock Star – Gawker
Want to read about the bespectacled singer’s desire for a mate, his fondess for massage-parlor handjobs and internet porn, his self-imposed two years of celibacy, and the frequent wet dreams caused by said celibacy?

Hope Against Hope
Fake Myspace band created by Q magazine

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  1. ohmygoodness, i can’t believe you have a link for the backyardigans! i have a younger sister who loves this show and i stopped one time to watch it with her–it is too cute for words!

  2. You gotta get FUNNY BY DEFINITION – a real funny, clever book. It’s available online only. FUNNYThe author is a Robert Myers

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