Clap Your Hands Say Flashy Python

This past Wednesday night I headed over to Joe’s Pub to catch the early show of Flashy Python and the Body Snatchers–aka Alec Ounsworth of CYHSY side project. Ounsworth has described the music to be more “inaccessible” than some of his other projects, but after seeing them live, I’m sorry Alec, I’d have to disagree.

I found the acoustic set to be more Dylan than Byrne, in a good way. The songs had eclectically meandering lyrics, and a styling that leaned more than 80s art pop. None of the songs had that infectious and catchy quality that CYHSY’s “Is This Love?” has, but that’s not what Flashy Python is trying to accomplish. Decked out in his Amish best, Alec quietly crooned through the songs w/ a guitar and harmonica as his band added their little bits of flare on bass, drums, violin, pedal steel guitar.

The encore included a cover of Loudon Wainwright‘s “Motel Blues”, which had everyone (meaning Jen, Dan, and Chris) uncomfortably squirming as Alec sang, “Chronologically I know you’re young/ but when you kissed me in the club you bit my tongue”. Uhh… yah. It’s no less creepy when Loudon sings it either. But for the record, when Chris asked Alec about the song Alec said that he didn’t know anything about trying to sleep with underage girls, but he understood what it was like to be weary on “the road.” Mmmmhmmm.

There was also a record propped up by the side of the stage that read “Clap Your Hands” (below). I have no idea why.

flashy python

flashy python

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