Do You Think Andy Pemberton Is Behind All of This?

So SPIN Editor-in-Chief Andy Pemberton resigned yesterday and now is down for the count. Coincidence??? Hmmm…

When you log onto the site you get a lovely message telling you the site is “coming soon”. But don’t start gearing up your WhoIs searches, the domain is not available for purchase. It’s parked until 2010…probably when they’ll get around to covering news from 2006.

I like imagining that in a fit of rage, just before resigning, Andy ran through the SPIN hallways and pulled out all the Ethernet connections on everyone’s computer and threw his shoe at the site server screaming, “TAKE THAT YOU BLOODY MACHINE!” What? You don’t think so?

spin is coming soon

Come on SPIN, we hardly knew ya!

UPDATE: is back up. They were switching servers when the glitch happened. Ah computers, gotta love ’em.

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12 replies on “Do You Think Andy Pemberton Is Behind All of This?”

  1. Dude that’s CRAZY. Spin is a good magazine, I have their issue with The Strokes on the cover.

  2. is it me or does the link work?

    i don’t get it…

    and yes spin sucks.

  3. Spin magazine sucks-the new format is so terrible-I had a subscription but can not wait for it to expire-Beyonce was on the cover-uugghhh-what a rag-the Raconteurs cover was awful-its like the National Enquirer and Tiger Beat and Rolling Stone had a meth-fueled orgy and Spin sprang forth from Rolling Stones filthy anus-what a rag-I wish the magazine would fold. ………Did I mention I hate Spin mag? If you want a good music mag that talks about music-not what beyonce and brittney are wearing-try Magnet or Harp or Paste.

  4. Mojo magazine is much better. Thats about the only music magazine I read often. Fuck Spin and Rolling Stone.

  5. Spin is AWFUL. I recently came across an ancient issue while doing some cleaning up, and was astonished at what an atrocity the magazine has become. Remember when Spin had real stories instead of soundbites? Remember when it had enough pages to qualify as a magazine instead of a pamphlet?

  6. i used to subscribe to spin, but since their overhaul the mag feels a lot like blender.

  7. Hey, to all you haters saying Spin sucks:


    I picked one up in the subway with, lo and behold, fucking Beyonce on the cover. Great. Then I read a letter about how much this one tard respects Good Charlotte, and they were talking about the singer shopping with The Game. What? It’s like Rolling Stone, but without the models all over the goddam place. Then I flipped a few more pages, and they had a People Magazine-esque Most Hot Stars or some bullshit. There was even a sidebar with an IM interview, complete with “LOL!” and “what r u wearing”. By the time I left the subway, I noticed that the magazine wasn’t in my hand anymore, and I didn’t care.

  8. It’s been a long time since SPIN has had any sort of buzz whatsoevs. I mean, I heart Klosterbest and Spitz and Sia as much as the next music fan looking to stay on top of the trends, but you could tell that their hearts just weren’t in it in the last few issues. That said, Pemberworst is superworst and I’m glad he got canned. Beyonce on the cover of SPIN? Some say an even greater atrocity than when Matchbox 20 was on the covs. Not b/c she’s not coverworthy, but since when has SPIN been competing with VIBE for cover stories? No buzz.

  9. WHAT HAPPENED TO SPIN? Forgive my ignorance as i’m currently living in exile (Australia) and it takes forever for Spin to come here. I’ve only just picked up that sad excuse of a June edition with Jack White on the cover and after 2 seconds into it I was ready to put it thru a paper shredder….it sucks SO BAD i had to keep checking the cover to make sure I had the right magazine. What’s with all the party sections?!?!? If I wanted to read a raver magazine I would have bought one, not wasted my money on that piece of crap!

  10. Ugh… I miss the Spin I used to get. Having a subscription to this crap magazine is like being in a seperated marriage where she’s getting all your money and your getting screwed.

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