You Got Your Karma, I Know I Got Mine

Love Monkey alert. When I went to the loo after watching Flashy Python at Joe’s Pub, look at what was staring back at me…T.Geig!

teddy geiger joe's pub

In related news…

Scott has a link up to a video of Teddy Geiger doing a cover of Postal Service‘s “Brand New Colony”. (Link via Nora.) But want to listen to it over and over on your iPod? Have no fear, check out the MP3 version…

DOWNLOAD: “Brand New Colony” (Cover of Postal Service) by Teddy Geiger

Also Teddy will be playing a benefit show for a local children’s music program on the east end of Long Island on August 30th. Check out the Westhampton Beach PAC for more info.

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  1. i met him…. im in love him with him and thaks for the song… im goingto marry him just you wait and see hahah thanx!

  2. Cheers for the mp3 download! I fell in love with the song and Teddy’s cover of it the second I laid ears on it. Got any more Teddy mp3s in your goodie bag?

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